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To help clients analyse their financial situation, establish their investment goals and propose an investment plan to achieve their goals with our diverse range of products and services.
- Amril Nizam
Unit Trust Advisor

An engineer who manages the construction site of a building, Unit Trust Consultant or UTC for short, can be compared to an engineer in a financial planning site. Have you ever wanted to invest but don't know where and how to invest? There are too many investment schemes that exist, including quick single investment schemes!

Are you confused about which one to choose? Maybe you have invested in unit trust shares before but did not see where the return you should expect. There are still many people who do not understand the mechanism of share trust units with the understanding that every investment made will surely earn a profit every year. Too many people think that high and fast returns are more worthwhile and less risky. There are also those who are too lazy to think about investment strategies by just wanting to invest and not even knowing how the profit mechanism is obtained. The important thing is profit!… No knowledge of portfolio rebalancing strategy and what is the importance of the investment you make causing the investment you made for ten years only equals the profit of a normal savings account. That's not even subtracting the annual inflation rate and you think there's a profit?

It is normal for investors, especially those who are new to the investment world, to be a little confused to make their own decisions and plan the best investment to reduce the risk of loss. This is where you need to know about the duties of a Unit Trust Consultant or Unit Trust Consultant.

Let Amril Nizam explain a little bit about this 

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