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Planears – Software Tools for your Business

Got to finish project on time? We’ve got yours covered

Worlds first system to combine essential Efficiency tools:

Project management

Projects, sprints, agile methodology helps to manage complex business operations. Learn how to keep up with day to day project management routine.

Resources management

Fully integrated HR module for effective management of hiring process. Setup user profiles and manage performance tracking.

CRM management

Thorough support for inquiries management, starting from inquiry, communication history, future planning and management of conversions.

Workspace management

Planears combine all office management matters at one place. It aims to convert the on-site operations into virtual workspace.

What makes Planears unique?

Planears is the state of the art workspace management software that covers all your company needs including Leads management, Project management and Resources management etc. It’s unique value proposition is to be the easiest office management suite. It provides lifetime features which requires minimum cost when you choose to manage your workspace with Planears. It aims to convert the on-site operations into virtual workspace. It encapculates more than 20+ unique features including chat, time tracking, analytics, role management, todo lists, etc.  It has a one of a kind framework where you can manage almost all your business matters within a virtual workspace.