Duit Cloud – Lebuhraya Baru Kebebasan Kewangan

Apa itu Duit Cloud?

Duit Cloud adalah satu perisian yang dipasang secara automatik di server cloud internet. Pengguna boleh access ke program ini melalui portal yang boleh di access melalui laptop atau mobile gadget. Pembeli boleh control segala-galanya di telefon bimbit sahaja tanpa pasang app apa-apa pun. Setiap pembeli akan dijamin dapat pulangan yang tinggi. Ini kerana selepas pembelian engine cloud berdasarkan status license kita mula menjana pendapatan setiap masa setiap jam. Di samping itu and juga boleh mengakses E-Book dan bonus bonus online lain untuk memahami lebih lanjut apakah itu cara mendapatkan duit mudah&cepat melalui online. Setiap pengguna akan mendapat satu dashboard login yang boleh kita access di mana-mana sahaja. Online Dashboard ini membantu kita melihat sistem ini dengan jelas register account kita.

Saya difahamkan, jika anda mendapatkan 1 lesen daripada #DuitCloud ini, duit yang dilaburkan akan sentiasa running dalam cloud dan anda dijanjikan komisen lumayan bagi setiap lesen tersebut.

Ada 5 lesen yang mereka offer untuk setiap pengguna. Lebih banyak lesen, lebih besar komisen. Ini janji. Bukan kepastian ya

Sungguh mudah sekali untuk menjual produk ini. Momentum sedang meninggi sekarang dan anda patut ambil peluang keemasan ini sekarang sebelum terlambat.

Sila klik ke Link ini untuk pendaftaran

Risiko Pelaburan?

Semua pelaburan berisiko, samada rendah, sederhana ataupun tinggi. Untuk pelaburan #DuitCloud ini, saya kategorikan ia pada risiko sederhana.

Kenapa sederhana risikonya?

Kerana ia pembeli membeli sistem yang dijual dan mereka akan mendapat produk seperti yang dijanjikan. Cuma komisen atau pendapatan yang dijanjikan itu sangat subjektif.

Saya tak letak tahap risiko tinggi kerana sistem ini tidak akan dibanned oleh Bank Negara kerana mereka jual produk.

Saya tak pasti anda boleh dapat RM50,000 setiap bulan seperti yang dijanjikan dalam website itu tapi yang saya pasti, setiap komisen jualan yang dihasilkan akan dikreditkan terus ke dalam akaun. ‘Mobile System Advance Technology’ Syarikat Mobisa Tech akan sentiasa memastikan sistem yang terbaik untuk dikongsi bersama pengguna internet bermanfaat untuk kita semua.

8 Benefits using a Project Management Software

Project management software

Businesses, large and small, unquestionably juggle numerous projects, plans, tasks and people. Having a solution that can help them keep organized while planning and running projects, in a way that is accurate, predictable, and profitable is promising.

The benefits of project management software are boundless. Not long ago project management software was symbolized by three things: a pencil, a sheet of paper and a methodology.

However, time marches on and technology evolves. Essentially, project management software programs are employed for project planning, time management, resource allocation and for change management. Project management software is among the most useful tools that can help companies in becoming as competitive as possible, and set you apart from the rest of the industry.

Essential Project Management Functions

  • Project Planning – Be able to easily plan projects while taking previous track record into account
  • Tracking project evolution when it comes to completion, time and costs – Warn the right people when things are veering off track
  • Scheduling and Time Management – Be able to easily register time on work items and take people’s work schedule into account
  • Resource allocation – Making sure that people are working on the right things at the right time
  • Project budgets, incl. costs of people – Keeping real-time check of not only time but also allotted budget
  • Communication and Collaboration – Easily post comments and concerns, communicate with external stakeholders, all while keeping a full historic record of all actions
  • Documentation & Files – Easily document requirements, specs, directly or via files
  • Easy to use – The software should be an enabler and not get in the way of actual work
  • No need for a specific method – Support the company’s preferred method of breaking down any project, making schedules, allocating people and managing budgets

You will find a multitude of project management software programs available. Most often they all share common benefits companies can appreciate. We are suggesting that you start using ‘Planears’

8 Benefits of Project Management Software

1. Collaborate on Projects

People are frequently designated individual tasks which are part of a bigger project the whole team is trying to complete. Project management software gives employees a method to collaborate on projects by discussing documents, timelines, outstanding work, etc.

2. Internal & External Communication

Project Management software develops a funnel for communication concerning tasks & projects both internally, but also externally with clients and other stakeholders.

3. Budget Management

Budgets are among one of the most important items in controlling your projects. The way forward for any business depends on how well you can deliver within the budgets provided. Project management software helps the Project Manager to determine the work budget (planned versus actual), so the work can be aligned accordingly.

4. Monitoring

To attain long-term success for just about any business, monitoring the progress of the work is essential. Dedicated software plays an important role in monitoring the stages of projects, and can provide insights into whether things will complete on time or not.

5. Document Sharing

Document sharing, whether inside the tool or in a integrated 3rd party system, enables people to find more comprehensive documents, wireframes, specifications, etc., which enables transparency and communication.

6. Communication with Clients and Suppliers

Companies should be able to talk about, and collaborate with clients and suppliers from the same place. Companies using project management software should offer their clients the ability to log in and view only their relevant project data. This way clients can provide direct feedback, make edits and review progress in the same place.

7. Optimized Decision Making

Project management software solutions assist in making the right decisions as you have all the details in one designated place. Hence the decision process is enhanced and much more accurate.

8. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

When you get a project done promptly and under budget, the client walks away with a smile on their face – and a satisfied customer is one you will see again. Smart project management software offers the tools which allow this customer/supplier relationship to carry on. By applying fundamental project management software strategies, you’ll narrow your focus, achieve your goals and improve your deliverability and rate of success.

The ultimate outcome is that everybody comes out as a winner, which just might be the largest benefit of project management software.

If you’re currently on the lookout for a new, or your first, digital solution for managing your team and projects, our team will be happy to help you get started with Planears, and with digital project management in general. You can book a personal meeting with us here or we can arranged for an appointment.

Necessity is the mother of Invention!

The idea of Planears came into being a couple of years back, when we got tired of using third party applications for managing different operations. Though there are many effective tools available in the market but with limited scope and high ranged budgets. Especially in case of small or even medium sized organizations, we could not find one-stop solution for workspace management. We went through Excel to Trello, Skype to Slack and tried as many softwares as we could but we did not find a tool which can cater all our needs at one place. We took a stand and decided to get rid off the pain of using multiple applications and build our own tool. Ashtex Solutions‘ team of experts started working on the concept and hence converted this idea to a complete office management solutions – Planears.

I have been using Trello from my previous company, after i’ve been using Planears I’ve found this software offer much more flexibility in managing my projects and timeline. This is a must have for every organizations.

Our Company Values

Mobisa Tech stands for ‘Mobile System Advance Technology’

To be the leading mobile system solutions seller that is fast adapting to any new advance technology to help customer achieves efficiency and increase productivity 
Strive to be the best in our field when it comes to cost efficient and client satisfaction
• User Friendly Solutions
• Deliver professional services
• Timely
• Cost efficient system 
• Quality

Type of business
-Information Technologies Supply Software & Hardware, IT Consultancy, Service & Maintenance, Supply Electronics Gadgets, Solutions on Mobile Applications Tools and Field Service

Product / Services
– Website Portal Development with support of outsource technical team GPT & NuGeo Sdn Bhd .
-Video Editing Services – Montaj video edits projects and drone flyers photography
-Supplying / Marketing Package Chilly Paste brand ‘Ros Sambal Magika’ to local communities. FB rossambalmagika
-Reseller ‘PLANEARS’ Business Management Application by Ashtex Solutions for South East Asian Region

Planears, All in One Efficiency Management Tool

Well, the worry is over, Planers is here. Planears is the state of the art office management software that covers all of your company needs. Be it resource management or tracking the client progress. Be it tracking project profitability or resource allocations. Planears have you covered in all aspects. 

Planears is indeed the worlds first system to combine all essential efficiency tools. Our packages start from as low as 0$ per month, surprised, right ;). Here are more details : 

Freefall Package (0 USD / Month) :

  • Task Management Boards x 5
  • Teams Management x 1
  • Users Management x 5
  • Active Projects x 5
  • Chat Rooms Messages x 10K
  • Candidate Limit x 50
  • CRM Leads Limit x 100
  • Attachment Limit x 512 MB
  • Archived Data Access x 1 MONTH

Entrepreneurial Package (12 USD / Month) :

  • Task Management Boards x 15
  • Teams Management x 5
  • Users Management x 30
  • Active Projects x 30
  • Chat Rooms Messages x 30K
  • Candidate Limit x 300
  • CRM Leads Limit x 500
  • Attachment Limit x 1 GB
  • Archived Data Access x 6 MONTHS
  • Key Analytics 
  • Technical Support EMAIL

Professional Package (25 USD / Month) :

  • Task Management Boards x 30
  • Teams Management x 20
  • Users Management x 50
  • Active Projects x 50
  • Chat Rooms Messages x 50K
  • Candidate Limit x 800
  • CRM Leads Limit x 1000
  • Attachment Limit x 5 GB
  • Archived Data Access x 18 MONTHS
  • Key Analytics 
  • Resource Board 
  • Technical Support EMAIL / CHAT

Enterprise Package (50 USD / Month) :

  • Task Management Boards x 50
  • Teams Management x 50
  • Users Management x 100
  • Active Projects x 100
  • Chat Rooms Messages x 100K
  • Candidate Limit x 1,600
  • CRM Leads Limit x 2,000
  • Attachment Limit x 10 GB
  • Archived Data Access x 36 MONTHS
  • Key Analytics 
  • Resource Board 
  • Technical Support CALL

Licensing : 

We also offer on-site custom deployments against yearly licences which are as low as 999 USD / year. Visit our stall to avail these exciting packages at an amazing discounted price. 

Mobisa Tech

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