About Us

Mobisa Tech Reg:   ‘002919104-A’ was officially registered on 24th December 2018.  Our founder has 20 years of experience dealing with clients from govt and private sector ranging from Client/Server, IOT solutions, Smartcards, GIS Solutions, E Payments and Mobile Solutions. Based at Sg Besi Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we are focusing on mobile business software tools, IT hardware / software supplies, GIS Solutions, IOT solutions and Financial Consultancy Services

Among Mobisa Tech projects is maintaining Portal Website for NGO Veteran Mayc and also as an IT Advisor / Operation Management for Koperasi Kobesi Berhad. Furthermore Mobisa Tech is exploring on Business Application Service Management as Software as Services. Mobisa Tech is supported by local partner ZN Resources and Ashtex Solutions to promote an online management software called ‘Planears’ which combine essential efficiency tools for public use for SME Industries in Malaysia. We create Corporate Video Montaj and gives IT training on site for computer management and systems. We are also collaborating with Bio-X to support sanitizing services and sell Prodec Gun Spray Sanitizer Disinfectant Services.